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innovative and world-class dietary supplements

for health and wellness supplements

About Custom Foods

Custom Foods is a 100% Australian owned contract manufacturer of innovative and world-class dietary supplements for the health and wellness market. We work with clients to create and manufacture high quality, bespoke and unique products to meet their specific requirements.

Our company and reputation have been built on our strict adherence to the values we hold dear. From day one, we have been determined to deliver quality products our customers can count on. In all our dealings, from initial contact and product development to manufacturing and after-sales follow-through, we are committed to the highest standards of food safety, quality control, client confidentiality, transparency and business ethics.

Everything we do is ‘by the book’ and we keep ourselves accountable at all times. We don’t cut corners, ever.

our customer trust

Our deep expertise

There are no ‘off-the-rack’ products in our range. Every single product is one-of-a-kind, specifically crafted to suit our customers’ exacting requirements. We work...

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Custom Foods'

A young, enthusiastic team

The Custom Foods team is youthful, energetic, enthusiastic and forward-thinking. We understand the way business is done today and that customers expect flexibility...

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loyalty begets loyalty

A business that values loyalty

We believe that in business, everybody should win. By doing our very best to keep our suppliers and customers happy, we find that in turn, they do the same. Loyalty...

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our gluten free and nut free as well as sugar free

Dietary and allergen considerations

The Custom Foods manufacturing facility is 100% gluten free and nut free as well as sugar free. The only allergens on our site are dairy and soy lecithin...

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our loyalty and commitment

A family company with heart

At Custom Foods, it’s important to us to treat our staff, suppliers and customers as family. We have always considered our business to be an entity...

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with creativity and talent

How We Can Help

Custom Foods is a dedicated nutraceutical manufacturer of world-class dietary supplements intended for the health and wellness market. We are equipped with the expertise and facilities to turn your idea into reality, with a measure of advice, recommendations and refinement along the way.

Our customers may come to us with a completely formed concept and require us to manufacture it for them. Others arrive with a vaguer concept and require us to develop the product to meet achieve the goals they have in mind. Either way, we relish the opportunity to bring our customers’ possibilities to fruition.

We invite you to contact us at whatever stage your plans may be, so we can assist with formulating a solution.

We can assist in developing your

A business that values loyalty

Our first responsibility is to abide by guidelines set down by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). Secondary to those guidelines, we can create supplements to suit your aims, as long as you specifically require a food product, and not a medicinal product.

You may wish to have your product packed in jars, sachets, stand-up pouches or bags. We can develop supplements specifically for the vegan market or for those following Paleo, ketogenic or low or high calorie diets. Whatever the goal – to build muscle mass, build lean muscle, lose weight, gain weight, improve recovery or support health goals – we will devise a solution to suit.

unique product for customer

Your product is yours alone

No two Custom Foods formulations are the same. Once we create your formula, we will never produce it for anyone else...

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range of our clients

Who do we help?

Our customers are online retailers, traditional retailers, supplement stores, health and fitness practitioners and people who have a desire..

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attention to detail

Beyond development and manufacture

Custom Foods will assist in all aspects of product development and manufacture and support you with professional advice at every stage..

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to create your customized product

The Process

We can produce customised formulations that match your existing product portfolio or that can establish your new product offering. At all times, we try to keep the entire process as simple and streamlined as possible, something our customers typically cite as their reason for doing repeat business with us.

We can help now, Write us!.

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+61 7 3271 5112